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DLMC provides rapid, practical, relevant and easy to understand advice to internationally trained scientists or technologist or technicians wishing to practice within the profession in Canada.  A current and key industry trend is the growing shortage of medical laboratory professionals in Canada and the USA.  It is predicted, that in the next 10 years, approximately 50% of the current workforce can be expected to retire.  The number of new graduates entering the lab profession is not keeping pace with the numbers that are exiting or with growth of the aging population or the current demands of clinical services.  Recruitment of internationally trained professionals within Canada and the USA is a forward thinking solution that is gaining momentum and attracting significant attention in order to address professional personnel shortages in medical laboratories.
DLMC provides solutions, information and advice to potential candidates as follows:

In a recent and evolving international project, DLMC is collaborating with other partners to create a strategic vision and operational model, where internationally trained medical laboratory Scientists or Technologists or Technicians can be trained and certified globally, in order to meet professional and regulatory standards for gainful employment in Canada. DLMC will provide technical, cultural and soft skills training and support to qualified candidates, to assist with rapid and successful integration into Canadian workplaces. DLMC will also help Canadian hospitals and private companies address the growing shortages of staff in the medical laboratory industry by providing access to qualified professionals in anticipation of their human resource needs.